Our Story

The T L V restaurant was opened in Dubai with the aim of bringing Tel Aviv to Dubai in terms of the taste of Israeli food and most importantly the Israeli energies.

The whole restaurant looks visually like Tel Aviv, graphics on the walls of the beach, Rothschild Street, the promenade and more.

The Israeli home-cooked food, the music in Hebrew and the staff speak Hebrew. Not only Israelis and Jews from all over the world who come to the restaurant feel at home, but also the locals get the experience of a Tel Aviv Israeli restaurant.



is a highly resourceful, flexible and motivated chef with an enduring passion for cooking. In his last employment Chef Simon Gonsalves has been the Group Executive Sous Chef of a LUXURY Hotels and Resorts, running 18 different restaurants, with a team of 260 chefs. 

In the past several years in UAE  he has also been employed by several leading hotels including working for a leading airline in the UAE

He joined TLV restaurant in Dubai as it has a great amount of potential, and with his 24 years of experience in the UAE, we at TLV restaraunt have chosen the best Executive chef for our restaurant.

Chef Simon Gonsalves